Saturday, August 30, 2014

An update from Startup Weekend

You may have heard of Startup Weekend and you may have noticed my tweets today about our startup weekend project. So I thought I would take a quick moment to share with you what we are up to.

I turned up on Friday night for a pitch fire - time for you to share your one minute pitch for a company. This was then added to a quick poster displayed around the room. You then got to vote for your ideas with a sticker. It was through this process that I met my team for the weekend.

Using many of the design thinking process that Steve Mouldey and Di Cavallo have shared at Hobsonville Point, we have worked at empathising with a problem, seeking feedback, refining, refining, seeking feedback, refining and seeking feedback and again and again and some more. I was also introduced to the idea of validating - testing the idea with stakeholders. This involved a visit from the always fabulous Philippa, a Skype call with Tim, feedback and contributions via Twitter and emails from loads of the fabulous #edchatNZ crowd.

So... What have we come up with?

The problems: 

  • Innovation enables us capitalise on opportunities HOWEVER 84% of our validation participants believe that innovation is not adequately taught in schools.
  • Teachers do not have the skills, confidence or resources to support the development of key competencies from the New Zealand curriculum that result in innovative students. “they are trained to kick the ball into goal posts – innovation is about creating new goalposts” 

The unique value proposition:
  • Increased engagement and by in from students in learning
  • Safe Environment – facilitated through teachers and mentors
  • A tool to prepare students for jobs that do not exist yet

Idea brainstorm of what the process might be that scaffolds students through the "innovation process"

But now, to make sure that we are creating a tool for teachers, by teachers, we need you!
  • You can contribute your ideas about how to guide/teach/facilitate innovation here
  • You can follow our Twitter account here 
  • You sign up your interest in trying this tool here