Thursday, April 10, 2014

I is for Insatiable, Iterations, Inspiration, Intense, Isolated, Incredible, Invitation

Up to I for the A to Z challenge...

I... is for:

I for my insatiable need to learn new things all the time. I for iterations because the Creative Confidence book by Tom and David Kelley has me fired up and convinced I never make mistakes, I only make prototypes. I for inspiration from the exceptional ideas that educators all over the world share freely over Twitter. I for intense, because the second to last week of term is always intense, and especially when you are at a brand new school planning modules with Claire Amos that involve Ender's Game, Minecraft and the science and maths of it all. I is for isolated, a feeling I know many educators across the country feel when they are the lone enthusiasts (but a feeling I no longer feel thanks to the team at Hobsonville Point Secondary). I for the incredible bubbling over feeling I get when other teachers get as excited about education as I do. And finally I is for an invitation, if you haven't participated in an #edchatNZ yet, it really is time. 

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