Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Growth at Hobsonville Point

Still working on the A to Z challenge...

So here is G and H for Growth at Hobsonville Point Secondary School: It is my sincerest belief that I can never be the perfect teacher. What I can be, is a teacher who is always striving to get better. And that is something that I hope to teach my students too. To always keep growing. Gaining an excellence in NCEA is great and should be celebrated. But learning should happen after this too. We should be asking what next? Where to now? What is the next frontier? What can I get better at next? So as we near the last week of the first term as Hobsonville Point Secondary School, I want to celebrate our growth. We have grown from being a rainbow unicorn school with no students and lots of ideas, to a school with 120+ students who are certainly the happiest year nines I have ever met. We have one term down and many more to come. With every term, I trust that the team at Hobsonville Point will keep growing our vision, our hopes and our dreams because they are able to collaborate, prototype, iterate, evolve, innovate, question, evaluate and most importantly, learn from mistakes and research.

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