Monday, April 7, 2014

Frequent and Flipped

Up to F on the A to Z challenge:

F is for Frequent: Frequent blog posts, frequent feedback, frequent reflections. Rigour is only achieved through frequency. The problem I have noticed is that often as a teacher of core subjects, I get caught up in feeling that I need to see students frequently too. Frequently as in everyday. I teach maths after all. But increasingly I am realising that that frequency needs to be managed better. So next term I am going to be investigating more into my next F...

F for flipped class:  I am planning on doing more of my teaching through videos so that I can spend class time on working more intensely with the kids on solving problems, the Hobsonville Point Secondary learning design model, and building relationships. You can not build relationships from the front of the class.

If you are not familiar with the flipped class model, make sure you have a look at this great TED Ed video.