Saturday, April 5, 2014

Determinaton and Enthusiasm

A to Z blogging challenge D and E
D is for Determination: I value determination, persistence, resilience and all the the other nouns that mean toughing things out until you get through. I often find myself frustrated with people due the their lack of determination. So I ask you, how do we build determination, resilience, persistence, toughing it out, stick to it-ness in our students?

I fantastic video that was shared during an #edchatNZ many many months ago was Austen's butterfly. I love sharing this story with my students because it highlights that we do not always get things right the first time, or the second time, or even the third or fourth. What matters is that we keep trying again, and that we seek feedback along the way to improve our iterations. Yet another reason why I love the prototyping culture at Hobsonville Point Secondary School, is because it is representative of the determination by the staff, to make a different model of secondary schooling succeed. And we hope to do so my iterating, prototyping, seeking feedback, refining.

E is for Enthusiasm: A great quote I read recently says that "enthusiasm is a form of social courage" I really like this quote, because it highlights that being enthusiastic is not always easy. I believe that enthusiasm is a choice, and that you can not see the glass half full, unless you choose to. Being enthusiastic is a lot more fun when others are enthusiastic around you. I also notice this enthusiasm in the leaders I admire, they remain enthusiastic regardless, and they collect enthusiastic people around them to increase the momentum and reach of their enthusiasm. So I am reminding myself, to be enthusiastic, as often as possible and then some more.  

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