Thursday, April 3, 2014

C is for Connections and Conferences

The next round of the A to Z challenge 

is for connection and conferences: Last night I had the amazing privilege of starting to plan a conference with a fantastic group of educators. We used Google Hangouts to connect myself@mattynicoll, @akeenreader, @vanschaijik@beccasweeney and @mrsmoorenz . That means we have teachers from Auckland, Wellington, Christchurch and Hamilton plan their own conference, according to their own needs, with the goal of connecting more teachers across the country. Since Twitter really is about what's hot, our conference will be too. We are aiming to bring nearly free professional development to teachers about current trends in education. This conference of course is the #edchatNZ conference - the little hashtag that could. Every fortnight at 8:30pm, we come together on Twitter to discuss trending topics that we vote on. We have discussed everything from modern learning environments, e-learning, collaboration to persistence. #edchatNZ and Twitter has been able to connect educators across the country to a supportive, enthusiastic, inspirational staff room, regardless of how isolated they are.

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