Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Blogging A to Z challenge

One of the modules I teach this term at Hobsonville Point is all about social media, particularly looking at blogs. So because I am inpsired by Ros MacEachern and @AKeenReader, I wanted to give the blogging from A to Z challenge a go - 26 posts in April. I'm a little late but I also know that learning happens a little late sometimes. So here goes...

A is for authenticity: it is my mission and my plea. Make your learning experiences authentic. Especially in maths and science. There are too many textbooks on this subject that help students believe that there is a 'right' answer. The awesome Andrea Henson has done a great Ignite talk about this in science. In maths, I have recently had the chance to see just how much students care about statistics when it relates to how many hits they have on their website.

B is for best evidence synthesis and bank accounts: I will be spending my weekends reading a lot as I get increasingly closer to finishing my post graduate diploma in education. Sooner rather than later, I will need to decide when I would like to start a masters. But, unfortunately, being an accredited nerd is costly. Is there a scholarship available for accomplished tweeters?

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