Friday, February 3, 2012

Mini Goals and Reflections - Week 1

Maths class 1995-2005 x5 lessons per week x40 school weeks in the year x12 years of school
Step 1: Come into class
Step 2: Copy theory
Step 3: Listen to explanation
Step 4: Complete practice questions
Step 5: Do homework

We need notes to remind us of what we have learnt. We need to practice questions to check our understanding . We need homework to ingrain what we have learnt. But does it have to be about Susie who went to the market to buy oranges with her pocket money? Why couldn't I use my own pocket money to buy the stuff I actually want and then see if I was more interested? I rather like the way Mr Meyer thinks in this video. Make the students watch as that water tank fills up, let them role their eyes at how long it is taking. Who wouldn't want to know the shortcut?

Goals for the week:
  1. Get students set up on either twitter (for maths class) or blogspot (for science class) - add links to easy to manage lists for future use. Elaborate about netiquette and safety by doing a SWOT analysis with class.
  2. Trial one flipped lesson. That means give students a short video to watch for homework and a simple activity to complete that relates directly.
  3. Get to know the students. Learn every name and two other things about each students' interests.

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