Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Mini goals 2

This week has been the week of blogs. I have set up a class blog for my classes and so far it seems the kids (and the other staff) are intrigued enough to show some interest. It has resulted in a busy online week though. And reflection has occurred under a hot shower and on the drive to school. So my mini goals this week...
1. Flipped class trial 2 - too many online issues this week. I will need to try this again. I perhaps have a backup plan as there are still a few students who struggle to get internet access.
2. School involvement  - I need to know the kids well to be able to connect with them. Find that extra curricular activity...
3.  Plant a super lesson - Throw something at each class once this week that they never would have expected. Show them that science and maths breaks the boundaries.

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